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Graphic Design

Brand Consulting, Brand Identity, Brand Creation and Corporate Identity

Brand Management enables us to Consult, Identify and Create a perfect Brand Identity for your business which will look professional and attractive to your clients and attract potential clients. We continue to focus and enhance your brand keeping it up to date!

Corporate Identity is similar to Brand Identity but on a smaller scale where we create the fundamentals to assist you and your staff to operate in a professional manner. Logo, Email Signature and Letterhead designed to compliment each other.

We do offer all types of design requests such as Logo Design, Business Card Design, Email Signatures, Flyers, Pamphlets etc.


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We think it's time you take that step and give us the call to assist you to get your business looking attractive and professional!

Need Flibbit to manage your brand?

We have various tailor made packages which will suit our requirements, let us worry about managing our brand for you!

others about us

Not only does Flibbit manage our brand, our website, our emails and our printing all gets done by Flibbit at a remarkable turn around time with friendly staff!

Terashia Singh - Innovative Medical Supplies Director

I have been using Flibbit for all my corporate printing such as medical pads, patient information forms, x-ray envelopes etc. It is always a pleasure knowing it will be delivered on time and the quality is 100% perfect.

Dr Jeff Swartzberg - Center of Advance Medicine Radiologist

Flibbit manages the brand for my holdings company and all its subsidiaries, I am at peace knowing my brand is managed professionally and up to date when I need to refer a potential client to my websites.

David Nkosi Executive Chair - Jeskir Holdings

Website Design

We design state of the art looking websites for small businesses, SME’s, Corporate Companies, Online Stores and various industries. We boast a number of happy clients who allow us to manage they websites in order for it be kept with the ever changing times of modern technology!


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Come on! feel free to get in touch with us and let us design a state of the art website for you! hassle free, we take care of the domain registration, hosting package and website design from start to finish!

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Take that step to look professional and boast to your clients that you are moving along with technology!

App Development

Mobile Apps are taking the world by storm and is now lowly creeping into the South African Market.

We design and develop state of the art mobile apps which is available by both Apple App store and Google Play store.

We also have a fully functional App dashboard that allows you to make changes if and when you feel like with its drag and drop functionality.

By taking control of managing your own app leaves you with peace of mind and the best all changes you make reflects immediately on your published app!

Create a #Flibbit Perfect Brand! a culture which is the foundation for future innovation...